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I have been travelling around the world on business for a few years now, and the funny thing is that, I keep bumping into some guys. I guess we are very much on the same business circuit, and even end up staying in the same hotels. It is kind of funny, and at the same time, I must admit I enjoy chatting to the same guys. We have become friends and it is good to talk to somebody who has got the same kind of lifestyle as you. Most of the guys tend to be into dating escorts, and I am of the same mind. However, I only date London escorts.

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Sure, I have tried dating escorts in other countries I have visited. Some of my business partners in places like Japan, have indeed invited me to enjoy the companionship of local girls. But I have to be honest, dating Japanese girls is not really for me. Sure, they are cute and can be a little bit on the naughty side, but I don’t get the same kind of pleasure as when I date London escorts. There is something really special about London escorts.

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