I have a girlfriend but I love my best friend when you love somebody else

Can we love two people in our lives? The thing is, I have the most stunning looking girlfriend, and I love her to bits, but, I also love my best friend. Yes, you guessed it – my best friend is a man. It may seem strange to some, but we grew up together and sort of became the main focus in each other lives. He lost his mom to cancer, and I lost my dad to a heart attack. It happened around the same time, and we sort of ended up clinging to each other. Now, my friend means more to me than he realizes but he I have never told him.

The problem is that I don’t know how he feels about me. Just like myself, he has a girlfriend and he likes her a lot. I don’t want to upset my friend by telling him how much I love him. Perhaps what I feel is more of a brotherly love. For more stories visit https://charlotteaction.org/northolt-escorts of Northolt escorts.

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More than just best friends in the world of men

Can you be more than friends with a man? Ask the ladies from Northolt escorts I have been best friends with the guy next doors for years, and we sort of lived in and out of each other’s homes since the ages of twelve. The problem is that I am not sure what I feel for him. At the moment, he is away at university, and only comes home at weekends. The truth is, that I cannot wait for him to come back on a Friday night, and seeing him on a Friday, means more to me than taking my girlfriend out.

I am not so sure what I am actually feeling for him. Sometimes, I give him a hug to say good to see you, and it feels kind of nice. Other times, it is more like we are just experiencing sort of a male bonding thing, or what he calls brotherly love. Both of us only had sisters, so I suppose our friendship was really important to us. We shared everything, and I wonder if my feelings our gay love, or am I just acknowledging that he means a lot to me as a friend.

This is not something that I have been able to put my finger on, and I have often wondered if I could do with some professional help to help me explore my feelings. My friend says that I overthink everything, and that I should try to think about things a bit less. As people we are rather different. He is really smart but I am sort of more practical. Like he says, we complement each other in so many ways, and would perhaps make ideal business partners. Maybe he also would like us to be more than friends on occasion.

I have not told anybody about my feelings, at least of all my girlfriend. Forming relationships is not easy for me at all, and I am lucky to have such a wonderful girlfriend. She thinks that I am the right guy for her as I can talk about anything, and we do share almost everything in our lives. She means a lot to me, and it is not a relationship that I would be prepared to lose, or give upon, very easily. I know that I am probably overthinking the entire situation. And I should be grateful that I have so many fantastic people in my life. It is not everybody who can say that they are happy with their friends and family.