Full-Time Instructional Staffing and Outcomes of Advanced Adult Learners

Two core adult education outcomes for advanced adult learners in U.S. states under the National Reporting System are learning gains in adult secondary education and entry into postsecondary education (PSE). Advanced learner outcomes are associated with key functions in an adult education programming framework, as well as with adequate instructional staff time, location, or exposure to quality services. In this article, the trend in the relationship of instructional staffing patterns with both outcomes from 2006-2007 to 2011-2012 is examined. With fewer adult secondary learners and rising exposure, outcomes fluctuated. Profile analysis revealed that states with more full-time instructional staff had increasing amounts of PSE enrollment during the 6-year period. Moreover, the positive relationship of full-time instructional staffing with PSE entry appears to have gained strength from 2009-2010 onward. Implications of findings for adult educators and recommendations for future research are discussed.

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